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Guangzhou MASSI Leatherware Co.,Ltd

Address: Floor 5th, Shengshi Building, Lingnan Industry Zone, Shiling Town, Huadu District Guangzhou, China.

City: Guangzhou

State: Guangdong

Postal Code: 510850

Country: China

Contact person: Jenny Yuan (Senior Sales)

Tel: 86-020-37790218

Fax: 86-020-37708913

Phone: 86-15876575272

Email: jenny@bolamay.com

Website: www.bolamaybag.com

About Us

Guangzhou MASSI Leatherware co.,ltd has specialized in manufacturing quality handbags, accessories bags including wallets, purse and clutches. Our production facility is based in Shiling, Guangzhou, China, where 20 minutes away from the Guangzhou International Airport and 5 minutes away from raw material market. We have advantages to make your samples & bulk orders in the fastest turnaround. With a focus on manufacturing handbags & purse with quality PU, leather, fabric, our manufacturing capacities also include nylon handbags, canvas bags and other fabrics bags. In addition, we also offer comprehensive sourcing services for all materials, including leather, hardware, fabric and embellishments. Guangzhou Bolame Leatherware co.,ltd is the leading handbag manufacturer in Guangzhou, China

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TEL: 86-020-37790218  E-mail: jenny@bolamay.com

Guangzhou MASSI Leatherware Co.,Ltd